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TRASH @ New Albany 2/2016
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Author:  crbirdx1 [ Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  TRASH @ New Albany 2/2016

Jenny Sage will be hosting a mirror of the CWR TRASH set. Details are forthcoming.

Author:  Get Lynned [ Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TRASH @ New Albany 2/2016

I'd like to see a "responsible" and critical adult (preferably someone who has taught or currently teaches) in the Ohio quizbowl community to adjudicate the "acceptability" of content and appropriateness of questions and clues with this set before it even gets printed and played @ New Albany. This is not a jab at the CWRU club, and yes... I realize high schools in your (CWRU) neck of the woods have played your set already; however, when Bob Kilner's spring set (TRASH v2 - if you will - for whatever academic year that was) was played at New Albany n years ago, I received a list of complaints from coaches about particular questions and clues - (I personally didn't think the content was that offensive, but) whether or not their definition of objectionable is correct, frankly, is not the point - and I had to take a few steps back and handle the situation as graciously as I could.

I have a ton of respect for what Bob Kilner does, and it took me by surprise that some found his product to be unsavory. That is why I am making a raucous about this issue... with no disrespect to my peers at Case, I will bet it all that your set isn't without a question or a clue that causes eyebrows to get raised and people to become agitated (even if its something many of us would find mutually acceptable, if it upsets one coach or one parent then damage is done). That is why I'm basically pleading on here that this has to happen, and if no one wants to do it then I suppose I could do it... if its too overwhelming to edit out N questions then I will gently suggest this event not happen, because frankly it is not worth the headaches it'll cause Coach Sage of New Albany (or I, if I find myself volunteering and giving whatever help I can to this event) in the long run if people come away from this event upset and with a bitter taste of quizbowl in their mouth like they did the last (and only previous) time this event took place.

- TM

P.S. I want to clarify that I did not get any nasty emails about the trash tournament New Albany ran a couple years ago, the complaints that I received brought light to a very specific and unique perspective that I as a non-coach had never considered... to keep it as vague as possible so as not to give up who took issue with Kilner's set, the overarching complaint here was to the effect of "as a coach and teacher, when parents and kids come to these tournaments and hear questions about [insert a TV-14 or TV-MA show here], too easily can the parents and kids see such questions as an endorsement of those programs as 'acceptable' for consumption to high school children (i.e. 9th/10th graders)".

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