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"A League of Their Own"

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:45 pm
by aphillips
Hello Fellow Coaches!

I am seeking help from you all since you have many more connections in the Quiz Bowl World than I do. :-)

I was appointed at the end of last season as the coordinator of our area quiz bowl league (Mid-Ohio Valley Conference). As of last year, this league consisted of River Valley (Gallia Co.), South Gallia (Gallia), Meigs (Meigs Co.), Eastern (Meigs), and Southern (Meigs) and included both a JH and HS division. Up until this point, the league only used Knowledge Master as their source of questions for the regular season and tournaments. The coordinator of the league would make binders that would include practice questions and also every questions that would be asked during regular matches and tournaments. As you can imagine, this led to teams simply memorizing the questions and the matches became solely a battle of speed.

Well, after I was appointed I decided that I wanted to push the league to take a step away from K.M. and work towards a pyramidal-style (like NAQT). After speaking with each of our coaches, we have hit a crossroads. All of our Gallia Co. schools refuse to make the switch and want to stick with K.M. because they feel it helps build their players' confidence and helps them be successful. On the other hand, all three school districts in my county are wanting to make the switch. So, we are looking at the possibility of breaking apart of either forming our own league or joining an area one that would be willing to take us. :?

So, I guess my million dollar question is...Do any of you know of any coaches that have teams (JH and/or HS) that would be either interested in joining our league OR have a league that we would be able to join? In the past, we have had schools from Athens, Vinton, and Washington counties in our league as well as schools from the Parkersburg, WV area...but, unfortunately they have all left over the years. My biggest reason for this push is that we are trying to get our teams to be more active, but it is very difficult to do in this part of the state.

Any help you would be able to provide will be GREATLY appreciated!

Adam Phillips
JH & HS Quiz Bowl Coach
Southern Jr/Sr High School

Re: "A League of Their Own"

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:36 pm
by crbirdx1
PocketProtector I think will have you covered. Congrats on become the HS head coach!!

Re: "A League of Their Own"

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:23 am
by crbirdx1
Adam et us know what the name of the league is when you get a chance!