Copley Middle School Invitational 12/10/16

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Copley Middle School Invitational 12/10/16

Postby eckj » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:10 pm

House write, No powers/negs, bounceback bonuses.

7-8 Grade Brackets
Gold: Cloverleaf-1, 6-0
Blue: Copley-1, 7-0
White: Lee Burneson-1 and Revere-1, 6-1 (circle of death decided by points in the rounds of the three teams played between Lee Burneson-1, Roosevelt-1, Revere-1. Revere and Lee Burneson scored the exact same number of points in those matches)

5-6 Grade Brackets
Yellow: Norton-2, 6-1
Red: Edgewood-9, 6-1 (Head-to-Head over St. Barnabas)

Full stats:
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