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2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)
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Author:  Get Lynned [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

Posted in the misc. hs/qb section so as not to obscure the more worthwhile reading and commentary happening over in the General Announcements section.

The link to view stats is here.

Varsity Bowl

Northmont is currently 5-0. Win over Piedmont Hills (CA) in round 1 and, perhaps the biggest upset so far in the tournament, a win over Lehigh Valley Academy (of Allentown, PA.) Beat Centennial B (MD) in round 3; beat Lakeside (WA) in round 4. Beat Princeton B (NJ.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Brown (top.)

Fisher is currently 4-1. Wins over Mattoon (IL); Zachary (IL); St. Mary('s) of Medford (OR) and Stoneman Douglas (FL.) Loss to Merrol-Hyde (TN.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Mustard (top.)

Beavercreek is currently 3-2. Win over University School of Nashville (TN), Forest Hill Central (MI); Suffield (CT); losses to Ft. Collins (CO) and Richard Montgomery (MD.) EXPECTED AFTERNOON BRACKET: ??? three way tie for second.

Dublin Jerome is currently 2-3. Wins over Leonia (NJ) and Klahowya B (WA), losses to Hunter College HS of New York (NY); Cathedral Catholic (CA); Rochester (IL.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Mommsen (four's.)

Centerville is currently 2-3. Win over Newnan (GA) and Doral Academy (FL); losses to Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin (TX); Middlesex County Academy (NJ); and Thomas Jefferson Classical (NC.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Macauley (four's.)

Junior Varsity Bowl

Beavercreek is 5-0. Wins over Paramus (NJ); Vernon Hills (IL); Fisher; Apalachee (GA); and Great Valley (PA.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Lyon (top.)

Fisher is currently 2-3. Wins over Great Valley (PA) and Apalachee (GA), loss to Beavercreek; Vernon Hills (IL); Paramus (NJ.) EXPECTED AFTERNOON BRACKET: ???

Hudson is currently 1-3. Win over Ardsley (NY), losses to Keith Country Day (IL); Bethelem Central B (NY); Trinity Prep (FL) and Miami Valley. AFTERNOON BRACKET: Cato (five's.)

Miami Valley is currently 4-1. Wins over Ardsley (NY); Bethelem Central B (NY); Hudson, and Keith Country Day (IL); loss to Trinity Prep (FL.) AFTERNOON BRACKET: Rome (top.)

Tippecanoe is currently 3-2. Wins over Bethelem Central A (NY); Marine Academy of Science and Technology (NJ); Ft. Collins (CO.) Loss to Allderdice (PA) and close 10-point loss to Clark (NV). AFTERNOON BRACKET: Philip (three's.)

Author:  Get Lynned [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

I don't have time to update every single one since I have to write a paper, but, for the teams that were still 'in contention' for the varsity national title..

Northmont finished 6-4, top half of the field.

Fisher finished 8-2, superplayoffs to come. This was Fisher's prom weekend, so I'm particularly happy for those boys that they made to the field of 32... because that would've surely sucked had they missed prom only to not make the third stage of the tournament!

JV - Beavercreek went undefeated, 10-0. Miami Valley went 7-3.

Author:  Get Lynned [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

Fisher holds the 14 card, which means they'll have a rematch with Adlai Stevenson (IL). Stevenson beat Fisher 320-180 in round 6.

In essence, two losses is what eliminates Fisher from the title.

If the Irish lose to Stevenson (likely), they will retain the 14 card and play the holder of the 19 card in the losers bracket in round 2 of the superplayoffs.

I believe the holder of the 19 card right now, going into round 1 of the superplayoffs is Lexington (MA.) If I'm understanding the seeding right, the holder of the 17 card is Centennial A (MD), the holder of the 18 card is LASA (TX), so I think the 19 card is Lexington because they have the next best record of the third-place finishers (3-2) and the highest points total of the afternoon teams that went 3-2.

If I'm doing this correctly, #19 Lexington (MA) plays (who I think is) #30, Georgetown Day (D.C.)

So if Fisher loses to Stevenson, they will play the winner of Lexington and Georgetown Day.

If Fisher pulls a miracle and a yuuuugeee upset versus Adlai Stevenson, they seize the #3 card and will play the winner of #6 and #11. I believe Richard Montgomery (MD) is #6, and #11 I believe is Loyola Academy (IL.)

But anyways... first things first, try to beat Stevenson. Come home with your shield, or on it, Irish.

Author:  Get Lynned [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

Fisher loses to Stevenson.

Plays winner of Lexington and Georgetown Day School, I believe. The Irish have never played Lexington to the best of my knowledge, but Georgetown Day was a Fisher opponent in 2014. GDS and FC played in the round of 32 in the superplayoffs, with Fisher winning 310-180. Hey, wait a second... I was on that team for that game! I got a tossup on diamonds! To quote Ed from the late, great Comedy Central program Crank Yankers, "Yayyy!" Yeah, those were some good --- wait, I'm publicly reminiscing my conscious thoughts! Back to keeping this about the tournament today...

What is the status of Beavercreek's JV?

Author:  Get Lynned [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

Fisher was eliminated by Lexington (MA) and plays Saratoga (CA) to break the tie for 23rd.

Beavercreek JV is in semifinals.

Author:  trbenedict [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

According to QBWiki (I know, I know, not a primary source), Beavercreek won the JV Bowl national championship, beating Trinity Prep (FL) in the finals! This makes Beavercreek the second Ohio school to win the national title in the JV Bowl (Northmont has done it twice), and the fourth Ohio school to win any national Bowl title (Tippecanoe and Beachwood have both captured the varsity Small School championship). Congratulations to Beavercreek on their accomplishment!

An Ohio roundup of players who made it to the finals of various Bees: John John Groger from Miami Valley finished 3rd in the National History Bee (JV), Kyle Yu from Westlake finished 6th in the International Geography Bee (Varsity), and Hari Parameswaran from Beavercreek finished 7th in the US History Bee (JV).

Kyle from Westlake also finished first in the US Geography Olympiad (Varsity), scoring top rank in all three categories (Maps, Multiple Choice, and Written Exam) for a perfect combined score of 3.

Author:  ThePocketProtector [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

This is the obligatory reminder that Wheelersburg won NAC in 1984. Now it wouldn't mean anything but I feel like back then it did.

Author:  trbenedict [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2016 History Bowl Nats (Somewhat 'Live' Results)

Yeah, for sure! Not to mention South Range, Ottawa Hills, and Beachwood, who have NAQT small school championships (I actually made the mistake of calling Wheelersburg "the only Ohio school to have won a national championship" earlier this season) this particular instance I was only thinking of NHBB titles, not all-category quiz bowl.

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