NCOESC League 2020/21

Post any league results or news from northern Ohio quizbowl here. This includes the North Coast, Northeast and Northwest regions.

NCOESC League 2020/21

Postby tcld » Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:25 am

Hi all,

I am very late on his but wanted to give you the results of the North Central Ohio ESC league (formerly known as the League with too long of a name and some still insist on using).

The league played an abbreviated, in person format with questions in NAQT style but not from NAQT. Quality was less than optimal.

No Divisions this year.

Tiffin Columbian 6-0
Upper Sandusky 5-1
Mohawk 5-1
Riverdale 5-1
Colonel Crawford 4-2
Ontario 4-2
Shelby 4-2
Clyde 3-3
Buckeye Central 3-3
Seneca East 3-3
Bucyrus 2-4
Tiffin Calvert 2-4
Carey 2-4
Fostoria Senior 2-4
New Riegel 2-4
Old Fort 2-4
Fremont St. Joe 1-5
Put in Bay 0-4
Fremont Ross did not field a team

A double elimination tournament was held as tradition holds but only the top 8 were invited to participate. The top 3 were-

1. Columbian
2. Upper Sandusky
3. Shelby

Columbian came back to win after a loss to Upper in the Championship match. In the final match, lone team senior Trevor Blodgett was the only member for Columbian to buzz in, getting every question correct. This included the last toss-up, the one that gave TC the win. What a way to finish a high school career!

Upper has a nice squad full of underclassmen that hopefully will be able to make some noise on the circuit.

Sadly (not sadly) this was the last league match my name will be attached to as Columbian's head coach. As the world rapidly evolves, this is the perfect segue for my long time assistant Samantha Lichtenberger to take over. She will do an excellent job.

You may reach her at @tcquizbowl
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