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Toledo Area Quizbowl League 2015-2016
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Author:  QuizBoss [ Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Toledo Area Quizbowl League 2015-2016

At the behest of Tony Torio, the coach at Ottawa Hills, the league considered whether or not to change to NAQT format and name me commissioner earlier this month. They voted 17-1 in the affirmative to both actions.

League play begins on Monday, October 19. The 18 teams are split into three, six-team divisions for what they call Season 1.

East: Central Catholic, School of the Arts, Maumee, Northwood, Clay, Gibsonburg
North: Whitmer, Northview, Southview, Toledo Technology Academy, Toledo Islamic Academy, Ottawa Hills
South: Springfield (Holland), Maumee Valley Country Day, Lake (Millbury), Bowling Green, Toledo Early College HS, St. Francis de Sales

After the round robin within each division is completed, the top 2/middle 2/bottom 2 from each division will be combined to form what they call the Season 2 groups. These teams will play the ones they didn't play in Season 1; there's no repeat match against the Season 1 opponent.

From the looks of it, there are 4 small schools in the league at present but I know Toledo School of the Arts is fighting hard to be considered NAQT-small as well. If they are granted small status, that would make 10 teams (5 schools, varsity and jv each) fighting for 3 SSNCT bids at the varsity level. Additionally, if Arts is granted status, then some team from the East group is guaranteed a bid.

Maumee Valley ran the table at Tiffin, so they have an HSNCT bid already and I would have to think they are early favorites to win the league. Ottawa Hills has their SSNCT bid and will play an A-set at Hicksville this weekend to get ready for their opening match. St. Francis missed out on an HSNCT bid at Tiffin and have a tough group with Bowling Green -- 3rd place at last year's NW OAC Regional -- and MVCD.

Author:  QuizBoss [ Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Toledo Area Quizbowl League 2015-2016

Stats through 4 games for most teams:

Maumee Valley Country Day and Sylvania Southview have put themselves forward as good bets to win the league right now. Toledo School of the Arts is off to a great start as well, and if NAQT grants them small school status, I would expect them to go and do ok.

Author:  QuizBoss [ Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Toledo Area Quizbowl League 2015-2016

Almost done with the 10-game prelim section in this league. The top 6 are...

Southview (10-0, North Division winner)
Maumee Valley Country Day (8-0, 2 games left, presumptive South Division winner)
Clay (9-1)
Toledo School for the Arts (7-1, 2 games left)
St. Francis de Sales (8-2)
Ottawa Hills (7-3)

All will receive HSNCT bids. Ottawa Hills will certainly get an SSNCT bid; School for the Arts is currently appealing to NAQT for consideration as a small school. If the appeal is successful, only one more SSNCT spot will be up for grabs. If unsuccessful, 2 will be available. Pending verification, the schools that could still claim a place are Northwood, Gibsonburg, and Lake. Of those, Lake is 3-7, Gibsonburg is 2-6 with 2 games remaining, and Northwood is 1-9. If Lake is the only one of the three to make it into the middle bracket, a/the spot would be theirs.

Clay and School for the Arts would need a tiebreaking game to decide the OAC bid if Arts beats Central Catholic twice on the 14th.

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