2017 Mid-State Academic League

Post any league results /updates from Central Ohio here. This includes the areas near Dayton and Columbus and surrounding cities.

2017 Mid-State Academic League

Postby Get Lynned » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:12 am

Fisher cleared the league portion, which was a round robin of 16 teams. The remaining fifteen played off in the tournament for the second OAC bid to get awarded out of the league.

Licking Heights beat Granville to win the tournament. LH has the potential to go deep at Regionals.

The top four of the league finish was as follows:

1. FC
2. LH
3. Granville
4. FCA

As a side observation, those four schools + Logan Elm, from my days of playing to this year have consistently been top five or six finishers in the league for quite some time, and then there is a drop. Logan Elm finished roughly middle of the pack this year, which I wouldn't have expected. I believe of the 16 schools that participate, only five of them have had the same coach that they did five years ago: Logan Elm, Heath, Granville, FCA, and obviously Fisher. (edit: I believe Bloom-Carroll also fits under this category.)

In fact, I think with the exception of FCA whose program didn't exist ten years ago, the other four schools have had the same coaches for 10(!) years. From my days of playing and loosely following the league up I'm up here in school, there is a consistent theme: there is a drop-off between the top four schools and the next eight schools, and another drop-off between the middle eight schools and the bottom four. Related to that theme, I think since 2012 seven different schools have cracked the top four: FC, Granville, Logan Elm, Liberty Union, FCA, Licking Heights and Newark Catholic (who withdrew two years ago.) Heath generally is a consistent 5th/6th place finisher out of 16. Bloom-Carroll always finishes in the top half. Licking Heights was a top 1/4 finisher under their previous coach, and they're playing weekends now. Liberty Union was a one man team those years; that one man is now on Ohio State's quiz bowl team (Tristan Mooney). Doesn't really surprise me that the schools have longevity and consistency in their coaching (they're also the only schools that ever play weekend events) are also the ones that have the best shot at getting the second OAC bid out of this league via the tournament.
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Re: 2017 Mid-State Academic League

Postby QuizBoss » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:07 am

Licking Heights' coach is in his second season.
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