NAQT IPNCT - 4/15/18

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NAQT IPNCT - 4/15/18

Postby ppadmanabhan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:59 am

NAQT held its inaugural IPNCT yesterday with 6 Ohio players competing. I enjoyed the format and the opportunity to play against the best in the nation on college-difficulty questions (D2 ICT), and I think it was great preparation for nationals. Congrats to all competitors!


John John Groger (Miami Valley) - T-17th
William Groger (Miami Valley) - T-21st
Pranav Padmanabhan (Boardman) - T-25th

Joe Esposito from Aurora, Patrick Begley from Maplewood, and Henry Massey from University School also competed. The overall winner was Jack Lewis from Battle Ground Academy in Tennessee.
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Re: NAQT IPNCT - 4/15/18

Postby jesposito » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:21 am

I thought it was really well run as well! The questions were very hard but that is probably the best way to separate the kids at this level. We talked about this a little at the tournament, but I feel like the big rounds with 8-10 players favor specialists a little bit. It all shook out in the end, but I still feel like it's true. I had a lot of fun and I hope to do it next year!
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Re: NAQT IPNCT - 4/15/18

Postby Get Lynned » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:20 pm

Congrats to William, John John and Pranav for their finishes. Joe, Henry and Patrick should also receive recognition for stepping up to the challenge, here.

Yeah, D2 ICT is supposedly hard. Like, really hard. But I think it was used for two reasons: a) it does separate the best from the rest; b) it’s a set that is already produced. NAQT, for as great of work they do, doesn’t have the manpower nor interest in producing a set exclusive to this event. It’s going to be more cost-efficient, something passed down to the competitors anyways, to use a set that is already made than to create an entirely new one altogether.

As for format: well, I see what you’re saying here, Joe. I won’t say “you are wrong!”, but consider this: if player A can notch the best buzzes (in terms of both quality and quantity) across one or two major topics versus player B, who can cover the topics generally well but maybe not well enough to consistently secure the bag against their competition, then who are ya gonna pick? When you play your friend a pickup game in NBA Street or, these days, 2K, are you picking Ray Allen (someone notably proficient in an area or two imperative to success) or Shawn Marion (someone who has good nights but whose skill set doesn’t really set them apart ultimately from his peers)?

There’s nothing wrong with being a generalist. But when you play a Detroit Catholic Central or even a Beavercreek/Scioto/Miami Valley, depth is what scores you buzzes (glorious ones, too!) against the Best of the Best. Breadth is good, but that can only take you so far.
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