TRASH '21 - Main site - ONLINE - 12/18/21

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TRASH '21 - Main site - ONLINE - 12/18/21

Postby BobKilner » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:15 pm

Due to rising covid cases and the weariness some teams still have about in-person tournaments, the Ohio TRASH ‘21 Pop Culture tournament (main site) will take place online using Google Meet on Saturday, December 18th, 2021. Bob Kilner is the contact person for this tournament at - Greg Bossick will serve as the day-of tournament director.


Any students attending the same high school or same middle school in any state can play. There will be other mirrors of this set as well on different dates. Each team may consist of a maximum of 8 players, with no more than 4 playing at any given time. Substitutions will only be allowed during halftime of a game. Players may be on a network of their choosing or they can all be in the same room, but they/their hands must be visible at all times. (Obviously even in the same room they should still practice some social distancing). Normal rules against conferral on tossups will still apply.

Question Set

The TRASH ‘21 set is written by Bob and Drew Scheeler, with a small contribution from Ryan Milowicki. It is a very loose distribution of 4/4 movies, 4/4 tv, 4/4 music, 3/3 sports, 1/1 internet/computers, 1/1 advertising/consumer products, 3/3 ‘other’. Bonuses will be in some way related to the tossup.


All players, coaches, and spectators are expected to follow typical rules that an in-person tournament would involve. This also includes general courtesy, respect, and understanding that technology doesn’t always behave (although we will do our best to make sure it does)

-Players must keep their cameras on and hands visible unless a written request for an exception is approved. Gameplay will follow NAQT rules with the following modifications:

-Rounds will be untimed and consist of twenty tossup-bonus cycles

-Players must wait to be verbally recognized by the reader before giving an answer.

-Players will receive 7 seconds after buzzing in to give an answer.

-On bonuses, the teams will be prompted for an answer after 7 seconds, at which time the captain should give the answer or designate someone to give the answer.

-There will be no bounce-backs on bonuses.

-Tied games will be broken by reading tossups until the first score change

-All players will use to buzz on tossup questions on a phone or tablet device. Each round the reader will give them the room code to login with their REAL NAMES.

-Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove/disqualify problematic individuals at our discretion.

The tournament will start at 9am eastern time. All info needed will be distributed in the week leading up to the event. Be prepared to play 5-7 rounds of preliminaries (depends on bracket size), followed by playoffs for the top teams and a potential consolation round for those that don't make the playoffs – again to be determined by bracketing and number of prelim games. At least, that's the plan for right now.


The field is initially capped at 24 teams. For now, there is a max of three teams from one school. If we have enough interest and secure enough staff, the field could potentially expand. To register, email Bob at


The registration fee is $70 per team. Since payment is coming directly to me and not to any school, you can pay me by PayPal or Venmo if you prefer. If you want to pay me by check from your school or a personal check, I will gladly provide an invoice or receipt if needed. If your school needs me to fill out a W9 before they’re willing to pay an individual, I can do that as well. If we need to figure something else out, let me know. If you are sending me a check, I will provide you with an address at that time.

Reader/Scorekeeper Discount:

Any school providing an experienced staffer will receive $10 off their fee. That staffer will be used to read and/or keep score and must be available for the whole tournament. The staffer doesn’t necessarily have to be affiliated with your school. If you know a good reader from elsewhere that is available, feel free to ask them to participate and you can claim the discount. Staff will be on an as-needed basis. Once I have enough lined up, I will not be accepting any more for the discount.


The first and second place teams will have trashy prizes mailed or dropped off at an address of their choosing. In the interest of time (especially this year), we decided a few years ago to get rid of individual stats and awards.

Mirror Sites:

Salem HS (Youngstown area) In-person Mirror - will be rescheduled to March, date TBD - contact John Timmer at
Swanton HS (Toledo area) In-person Mirror – 12/11 – contact Greg Bossick at
Tippecanoe HS (Dayton area) In-person Mirror - 1/6 - Contact Joe Bellas at

The mirror fee is $20/team (not school) in attendance. The set will likely consist of 10-11 full packets and extras/replacements. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in hosting a mirror.

We've run this tournament every year since 2006 and just about every year, it has sold out. If you're planning on participating, I suggest you get your registration in as soon as possible. Please email me to register.

Hope to have your team participate here or at one of the mirror sites!

Bob Kilner
TRASH '21 tournament organizer and head writer
Bob Kilner
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Former Coach, Garfield Heights HS (2001-2008), North High School (2015-19, 21-22)
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Re: TRASH '21 - Main site - ONLINE - 12/18/21

Postby BobKilner » Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:09 am

Field Update:
Black River (1)
OVA (2) - paid
Highland (Morrow County) (2)
Waynedale (1) - paid
Southeast (2)
Brecksville-Broadview Hts (2) - paid
Madison (2) - paid
Roxboro MS (1)

Bob Kilner
Eric Wolske
Drew Scheeler
Rachel Thibo (OF)
Highland reader
Ryan Milowicki
Christine Bartzis - Brecksville
Mary Tarka - Southeast
Bob Kilner
Secondary Admin,
Former Coach, Garfield Heights HS (2001-2008), North High School (2015-19, 21-22)
Kent State '06 / Boise State '10
Site Admin
Posts: 401
Joined: Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:43 pm
Location: Garfield Heights OH

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