New users and so many bots

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New users and so many bots

Postby ThePocketProtector » Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:37 pm

Hello all,

We are currently getting 100 bots trying to join most days. That has overwhelmed my ability to process through everything. I have pretty much given up. If you are a new user that really exists, please email me when you sign up and I will okay your account. You can use the address the letter M, the letter C, the letter F, my last name, the word family AT G mail . and then you know the rest.

I am not a person that really knows what I am doing with this stuff. I took this over because I love quiz bowl. If someone has advice on how to get out from under the pile of bots, I'm ready to listen.
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Re: New users and so many bots

Postby BobKilner » Sun Dec 12, 2021 9:40 pm

The only thing I could figure out when I was doing it, was to try to put on a much harder thing for registration in the control panels, but even that only slowed it down. At first, I would search the IP address and see what country it was in, and delete it if it wasn't a US address. But once they started getting crazy like that, I did exactly what you just did here. If you're real email me. Not sure what else you can do tbh.
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Re: New users and so many bots

Postby tomoore » Mon Dec 13, 2021 11:35 pm

A lot of phpBB boards that I'm on have had the same issue with bots lately, along with their counterparts on the Xenforo platform. For what it's worth, you've done very well in stemming them off from actually posting. Others that I'm familiar with haven't been as successful -- and that's even with security questions upon registration where the answers cannot be easily sourced.

Keep up the good work, and the fight.
Moore, T; Reader, Southeast Region

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