TRASH '18 distribution discussion and call for writers

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TRASH '18 distribution discussion and call for writers

Postby BobKilner » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:31 am

So I've been toying around with the distribution pretty much since the tournament ended last year. This came after I realized that we were really skewing towards older audiences way too much. That said, I didn't want to change the subjects too drastically. I always hear "too much sports" as the main complaint, but there's 4 of each music, tv, movies and sports, and that's not something I'm planning on changing.

My idea for the distribution for this year is something to the effect of:

4/4 each of movies/sports/tv/music
-- 1/1 from the last 2 years
-- 2/2 from the last 5 years
-- 1/1 since the year 2000 (but relevant/memorable)

1/1 - advertising / consumer product
1/1 - internet / technology related
3/3 - "other" - either a repeat of a previous category or something that doesn't fit in any of those -- if you want to write about something from pre-2000, here's the place to do so, but it should be extremely famous and relevant

So I'd like to hear any opinions or thoughts. It's very similar to our previous distribution except that all 4/4 in the main categories are now post-2000 and I scrapped a few of the smaller categories for an "other" category to give writers more leeway.

I'm also looking for writers for this year. Last year, I ended up writing 6 packets myself, which I don't have the time to do this year. I have some leftover stuff that I may use plus a few questions I've been sent here and there, but I need people to commit to packets. I'd like to have them by Thanksgiving, so that I have time to edit them before the first mirror sites run in early December. Let me know if you're able to write.
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