TRASH @ Bishop Hartley HS (Kilner OHIO Set) 5.4.19

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TRASH @ Bishop Hartley HS (Kilner OHIO Set) 5.4.19

Postby crbirdx1 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:46 pm

Trash Tourney @ Bishop Hartley HS

Livingston & James Ave
(1 mile north of I-70)

Saturday 05.04.2019 0900 to 1500(ish)

To register, please contact
(or go to the URL below)

With each student team, you may bring a team of adults – alums, parents, teachers, etc. Your adults will compete against your students!

Register Now at

Obi Wan and In the Know’ers or QuizBowl’ers you’re my only hope –
for helping me have a fun celebration of Star Wars Day 2019!

Here’s what you need to know:
WHO: The initial field cap will be 24 teams, but we have authorization
from the First Order to open up the field if there is interest and we can
secure readers who annunciate better than Jabba the Hut with laryngitis.
HOW: Teams will be broken into 4 preliminary brackets of 6 teams each
and will play round robin. At the conclusion of morning play, and after a
break for lunch, teams will be re‐bracketed to play another round robin
with similar teams, with the top 2 teams at the conclusion of afternoon
play for the tournament championship if needed.

One Student Team (plus an adult team*) and delivered‐in Donoto’s Pizza
for lunch ‐‐ $65
A 2nd student Team (plus an adult team*) [including pizza lunch] ‐ $45
BUZZER DISCOUNT: ‐$5 per buzzer system, limit two per team that you are
MODERATOR DISCOUNT: ‐$10 for a competent moderator.
[Please note in your registration if you’re claiming these discounts]
MINIMUM Fee: $50
* We wish to encourage the participation of Jedi elders, so for each
student team you bring, you may bring an adult team (alumni, parents,
teachers, etc) at no extra cost! Your adult team will compete against your
student team to see who rules the galaxy of Trash Trivia!
Trash Tourney @ Bishop Hartley HS
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